Who is The

Busy Mummy?

It's you, it's me, it's us

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A collective. A gaggle of busy Mummies. Some busy Mummies have great “Mum hack” product ideas that they are sharing on a platform for other busy Mummies to use to make their busy Mummy lives that bit easier. Busy Mummies supporting each other and making life that bit easier. 


We all had visions of being that Mummy - who turns up at the nursery gate immaculately dressed with their perfect little cherubs, clean faced with their lunch box filled with home made organic yummies which are dutifully eaten while Mummy goes off to her high flying career before every one returns home to their domestic bliss in an immaculate home filled with family peace and harmony which is then shared on Instagram. 


Reality then hits home. 


I tried it with my first. Before long I was the Mummy at the nursery gate waving my snot filled cherub off with a lunch bag of dairylea sandwiches and kiddylicious crisps not realising I have cappuccino smeared across my face but I’m running late for the commute to work and quite frankly beyond caring. Pick up is filled with negotiating with the Husband / Family / Friends on who can pick up as I’m stuck in a meeting. again. 


Until one day. I wasn’t so busy all of a sudden. I had just announced I was pregnant, it was the beginning of Covid and I found myself unexpectedly furloughed. Once the morning sickness had worn off, I started to get bored. So. Bored. There’s only so much Peppa Pig and Finger painting one can endure. I HAD to do something for myself or I was going to loose the plot. 


So I taught myself to sew with visions of resetting the perfect Instagram Mummy life but with the added joy of the perfect cherubs being dressed in matching perfect home made clothes. 


So there I was. Day 1. Sat at my 20 year old sewing machine my Grandmother bought me from Lidl’s when I left school, wondering where to start. 


Other countries were starting to wear masks. That’s it I thought. I’ll make some masks. Maybe they’ll take off here too. Maybe I can sell a few. Maybe I could sell enough to buy a better sewing machine. 


And that’s where it all began. 


Masks became mandatory. I was a busy Mummy again. Lots of people told me I was mad. I was now heavily pregnant, starting a business, building my own websites, shipping out orders. And I was loving it. But it got me thinking and researching. 


There are so many busy Mummies out there. Mummies who have great ideas, who might not be furloughed or who may have other things going on that mean they can’t just sit and build a website. “Oh I’d love to but I just don’t have the time...” “It’d be great but I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.” 


And so the idea of the Busy Mummy took shape. Not one Mummy but a collection of Mummies. A gaggle of Mummies. Coming together on one platform to share their Mum hack products to support other busy Mummies     Supporting each other, building each other up. 

I'm not the busy Mummy - we all are.